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Best online Communities for Product Managers

Community of Product Managers

Why join a Product Community?

Product Management is a role with increasing demand in every industry and every company. Product Management demands skills to understand the consumers, technology, and capabilities of the team that can bring great products in the market. Successful Product Managers & Product companies have gone through the learning experience of launching new products and they have acquired a lot of knowledge along the journey with the help of the Product Manager Community.

However, an aspirant is very new on this journey and may often feel lost in terms of how to build the right skills for Product management, how to find opportunities, how to land in on those opportunities but most importantly, how to make an impact while being on the job.

As technology is developing every day and consumers become more demanding, one need not only be a good strategist but also be agile and fast enough to act on emerging opportunities.

While all this may seem very overwhelming, you don’t have to develop these skills and improve knowledge entirely on your own. There are many Product/ Product Management communities on various platforms, that are filled with people, waiting to share their wisdom with others.

These communities are a good way to learn the best practices of product management from people who are using these strategies in the job every day.

Need not mention, that these communities are also great places to find new job opportunities.

“Check out the below Product Managers communities” you want to be part of

1. Product School

Join the most expansive Slack community for Product Management on Product School with 67,000 members. Search & Connect with people based on name, role & company.

Channels include Weekly AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions with top Product Managers in the industry; Resources for Resumes, Good reads, Pro-tips, Mock interviews, etc.; Job portal for career opportunities; Online webinars & events and more.


2Products That Count

Products That Count is a large network with over 200,000 product managers.

Get access to online resources like videos, podcasts & editorials. Topic categories include Growth Hacking, Leadership, Personal Growth, Product Awards, User Experience, etc.

You may also sign up for the newsletter to receive updates & insider tips.


3Flinkhub Product Community

Flinkhub is a hub of learning communities.

You can join groups based on your interest and interact with accomplished people from the Product management industry. Ask questions, build networks, and prepare for interviews.


4Mind the Product

A community to connect with Product managers, Chief Product officers & Product experts, and gain access to their insights & ideas. You can even contribute content as a guest author.

Free membership options to access blog posts & ProductTank videos, Podcasts, Product & UX job postings. Further benefits include ProductTank meetups that are conducted in 200 cities and their public Slack community.



Roadmap is a community for Product Managers with members from around the world.

Like a Quora for Product managers, Roadmap can be used to post or answer questions, follow topics, and read through replies.

Topics include Careers, Collaboration, Ideas for products, Launch, Strategy, Marketing, Tools, Releases, Requirements, Methodologies, Research, Collaboration, and User Experience.


6Product Manager Community on LinkedIn

There are many active groups on LinkedIn for Product Management enthusiasts including an official group by Product Development and Management Association (PDMA).

Some groups have more than 120K members that are useful to network and identify opportunities in Product Management.

Few such groups to join:

  1. Product Management-
  2. Creative Product Managers-
  3. PDMA Product Development and Management Association-

7Product Manager Community on Facebook

The Community for Product Managers by Product School is the largest Product Managers Facebook community with more than 50,000 members.

Get access to content, best practices, exclusive events, and job offers from companies.



If you are a fresher or someone who is looking to switch career to Product, communities would be a great place to be to stay updated and network with industry experts and grow your future job prospects.

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