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Career in Data Science after MS in Analytics

Data Science is one of the most sought after career tracks in the industry. There are different paths people take to becoming a data scientist. One of the popular paths is by doing an MS in Analytics or Data Science.

Here we share our conversation with John, who graduated from IIT Madras, worked at Cognizant, then did his MS in Analytics from Georgia Tech and got placed at Deloitte as a Data Science specialist.

What does a Data Scientist at Deloitte do?

At Deloitte, a Data Science Specialist mostly works on client projects where clients need data-driven solutions to business problems.

Some examples include reducing wastage in a retail company’s supply chain, classifying large volumes of customer messages for an insurance provider.

Example of a real world Data Science project

An Insurance company has a sudden spike in claim related messages from their clients. They have a limited number of people to respond to these messages.

The project involves using NLP to automate the reply to some messages and redirect others to the right team to handle it.

Skills needed in a Data Science role

Most of the work requires knowledge of Python and SQL. Familiarity with cloud systems like Azure,AWS, basic knowledge of statistics and probability is also needed.

Depending on the projects and client systems, you might have to learn things like NLP on the go.

How to apply for MS in Analytics or Data Science

Universities basically evaluate if the candidate has a good academic record, has a genuine inclination towards data science and can get a job after the course.

This needs to be highlighted in your resume and SOP along with good recommendations.

What do you learn in MS program and how to evaluate the right university

The projects you do as a Data Scientist before and after MS might not change so much but you develop an understanding of core concepts and an ability to solve problems quickly.

What you learn also depends on what electives you choose and what you specifically want to get better at.

John, who felt he had a decent understanding of business aspects, wanted to focus on technical aspects like statistics, probability and programming.

Placement prospects at Georgia Tech & hiring process

MS in Analytics program at GeorgiaTech has a campus placement program and also career fairs.

Hiring process for Deloitte included:

-Resume screening / Get connected at Career fair
-Interview by Consulting Track Manager (Business aspects)
-Interview by Data Science Manager (Technical aspects)
-HR Round
-Interview with a partner

Growth Prospects in Data Science

Many companies are setting up Data Science divisions and the opportunities will keep growing in the near future.

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