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Data Science from Scratch – Top Questions Answered

We have tried to answer top 10 questions to understand Data Science from scratch.

1. Definition

To learn everything about Data Science, first, we should tell you what Data Science actually is. Data Science simply means an in-depth study of data. It can be structured data i.e. a formatted database presented in an understandable manner and unstructured data i.e. unorganized bulk data. Additionally, this data should portray some meaning out of it.

Therefore, some scientific methods are developed and applied to extract that needed meaning or information. It could be through recording, storing, processing, and analyzing the data.


In short, Data Science is used to gain knowledge and understand from any kind of data. It is done using statistics, scientific methods and other different processes. Moreover, Data Science also uses algorithms and machine learning techniques to discover hidden patterns from the data. Hence, it is important to understand data science from scratch.

2. What does a Data Scientist do?

A Data Scientist in general terms takes a huge amount of data to extract valuable insights and information for making future business decisions.

What does a Data Scientist do?

First, a Data Scientist asks questions to the stakeholders and understands their business problems. Accordingly, she/he searches for the data that the business needs and follows the procedures of acquiring, processing, cleaning, storing, analyzing, and interpreting the results.

To get those results, they apply various techniques and models, for example, algorithms, machine learning, AI, etc.

Afterwards, these are well communicated to the stakeholders for their responses and make changes as per their requirements for better results.

3. Is Data Scientist a good career?

Is Data Scientist a good career?

Most of the big companies have now understood the importance of data science as a career and as a profession too. Moreover, its existence has made companies day to day work at ease and helpful in making management decisions at the same time.

Data scientists are exposed more towards practical knowledge and understanding of the work. This makes it necessary to understand data science from scratch. It is beneficial for their professional as well as personal growth. From a professional point of view, a Data Scientist is highly paid in top tech companies and so their positions are highly respected.

Data Science can be used in any type of industry, it can be banking, e-commerce industry, and many more, and therefore the work of a data scientist is versatile.

Though every career has both pros and cons and so data science does, the weightage is more towards the pros benefiting data scientists and companies both.

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4. Scope for Data Scientist in future?

Data Science has a lot of scope in the coming years and therefore many companies and people who want to be data scientists take it into consideration in a serious way. Each company of any type of industry needs a huge amount of data and so they need such a person who can handle this in an effective manner.

Therefore, the industry considers the Data Scientist job as a top professional job mainly in countries like India having massive amounts of data available to all companies.

Because of the occurrence of data scientists, there has been rapid growth in all aspects. Additionally, we are able to analyze future market trends and make future management decisions for businesses.

In the last couple of years, the role as Data scientists has been deemed the “sexiest job of the 21st Century”.

Scope for Data Scientist in future?

5. How do I start a Data Science career?

You have to first decide if you want to start your career in Data Science. Afterwards, you need to understand and intake the knowledge about it and how it will be beneficial for you as a career.

How do I start a Data Science career?

First, there’s a need for educational qualification eligibility, for example bachelor’s or master’s degrees. The main process starts by deciding which role of data science you would opt for. And accordingly you would take up a course that will give you the best knowledge about that particular role. 

Then start learning some tools or techniques or languages that are essential for the role you choose with the common ones like python or R.

You can learn coding as well which is by far demanded by many companies. Work on projects, learn solving case studies, and gain practical knowledge as much as you can in college.

Also, make sure you are good enough in your communication skills. You can join peer groups or network with others with similar interests. 

The most important thing is to keep updated yourself in this course because of its dynamic nature. And the more you learn new aspects, greater are the chances of being successful in data science.

6. Who is eligible to be a Data Scientist?

Who is eligible to be a Data Scientist?

A person who wants to pursue a career in Data Science requires certain minimum educational qualifications. Additionally, a person having a Bachelor’s degree is also eligible. 

It includes fields like Science, Business Administration, Engineering or Mathematics.

More precisely, a student who completes computer science engineering or a bachelor’s in science in computer science is eligible for a Data Science course. Even a master’s degree in commerce, mathematics, or statistics is good to go for a data science course.

Coding experience is not mandatory. But then it is considered as cheery on the cake. Nowadays, students are bombarded by many online courses of data science. It then adds some good benefits to their learning path.

7. Types of Data Scientists?

There are different types of organizations having various work processes and methods of doing that. Along with this, there are also different types of data available with them which are used for business problems.

This gives rise to the different types of Data Scientists whose working culture varies depending on the type of data they use as compared to other data scientists, for example:

  • Decision scientist– Interpret data to make business / product decisions
  • Business Analyst– Extract, interpret, and report business metrics
  • Data Analyst– Focus on a specific analysis task
  • Software Engineer, Machine Learning – Build a data product
  • Software Engineer, Big Data – Build and maintain data infrastructure
  • Risk and Fraud Engineer – Analyze fraud and risk
Types of Data Scientists

8. Which language is used for Data Science?

Data Science uses many programming languages. Some of them are most recommended and highly in demand. Some depends on the student/candidate’s choice for practical learning. 

One should have proper knowledge and application of programming languages that better amplify the data science industry. Hence, it is important to have knowledge of Data Science from scratch.

The programming languages are a lot in demand, for instance Python, SQL, R, JavaScript, Java, C++, C(C++). The industry prefers these languages the most. They are, in fact, very flexible in functioning and provide accurate results.

The industry is using some other languages as well, for example MATLAB, Swift, Julia, Scala, etc.

9. What is Data Scientist Salary?

The average salary of a Data Scientist specifically in India is Rs 7.0 Lacs annually for people having work experience of 1-2 years.

Data Science: Salary?

Similarly, the highest package can go up to Rs 10.0 Lacs annually or even more than that. It depends upon a number of factors like work experience for more than 3 years, skill set, and job role. And companies like IBM Corp, Accenture and Wipro Technology, etc. offer such packages.

The minimum package starts from Rs 3.25 Lacs till Rs 5.0 Lacs, for those with no prior experience in work. But then it depends on the knowledge and learning acquired by the candidate from her/his past education.

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10. Top Data Science Courses

  1. Harvard : School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Link to the course-

2. DataCamp-Data Science with Python

Link to the course-

3. DataQuest- Data Scientist Toolkit

Link to the course-

4. Google-ML Crash Course

Link to the course-

5. Udemy- Data Scientist Toolkit

Link to the course- bootcamp/

6. Coursera- Data Scientist Toolkit

Link to the course-

Additionally, for more details on these courses, visit this link:

Data Science from Scratch – Top Questions Answered
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Data Science from Scratch – Top Questions Answered
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