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How to use the Flinkhub platform for sales, job referrals or business partnerships?

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Flinkhub platform allows users to identify companies in their extended network and get a warm introduction to relevant people in those companies.

Getting a warm introduction to the decision maker plays a significant role in closing a sales deal or getting a job interview or establishing trust for fundraising or business partnership.

I have a specific company in mind. Can Flinkhub help me connect to the right person in that company?

Yes. If you have any specific company in mind, you can input the company’s website name in the search bar and see all your connections in that company. Read how to search for connections on Flinkhub platform

How do I find connections in companies which are relevant to me?

Firstly, you need to shortlist the relevant companies (i.e Prospecting). On Flinkhub, you can filter from a pool of 1M companies based on Industry, Location, Employee Size, Technology Used. You can view connections you have in those companies and find how to get a warm introduction to them.

Once you have shortlisted the right set of companies you can add them to a list . You can keep a track of all your follow up activities in the list.

What if I don’t have connections in the relevant companies?

Don’t worry if you can’t see any connection to a company . There are three things that you can do to find a connection.

  1. Invite collaborators to the ‘list’ of companies you have created. Explained more here.
  2. Create internal network circles of colleagues, advisors, mentors and friends who can share their network with you.
  3. Invite your close connections to share their network of companies with you on Flinkhub by sharing your personal invite link.

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