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Web Designing Guide: For Begineers[2020]

Have you ever wondered who designs the web page you look at daily? If you’re planning to become a Web Developer, you would know that there are multiple technologies for web development— PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, .net, JavaScript, and more. This blog is especially design keeping in mind Web Development for Beginners

It was web developers who made the first interaction possible. 

With the advent of the internet, web developers made it possible for companies to provide their services to a larger mass and make it more accessible to the population.

Web development will remain until there is the internet and it is not a thing which needs much of effort to learn its basics plus it will also aid you to land on 70% of tech internships.

Suppose you have to do an internship or you need to earn some money then you can easily get some bucks just by learning some basic web development and by having hands on it.

One of the most promising careers one must say! In a technology-dependent world, web development has been the major catalyst in creating such a dependency.

The order to learn languages which is my personal recommendation is:






6.PHP or Node JS or python


Here’s some key points you must know:

What is Web Development for Beginners?

Web development simply means creating websites.

It refers to the work that happens behind the scene to make the website look attractive.

The web development process consists of web design, web content development, client-side coding and scripting and network security configuration. It basically includes coding and writing markup.

Today, every business needs a website to capitalize on the benefits that the digital platform offers, and to be competitive.

There are approximately 1.8 billion websites on the world wide web. The number is indicative of the number of work opportunities there are in web development.

Anyone, who can code, build, analyze, and maintain websites, is not only highly sought after in the professional world but is also on the right career path for a secure future.

You can develop beautiful websites using various tools and resources available to satisfy your clients.

Though website development requires a lot of skills, it is easy to acquire them with quality training.

Experienced professionals can give you proper web development training to gain practical knowledge. You can learn a programming language and also improve your proficiency in the latest web development tools & technologies.

Web development for Beginners can be extensively grouped into:

Front-end Development

It is also known as client-side development. It is the practice of producing HTML, CSS and Javascript for a website which the user sees and interacts. 

Back-end Development

They make the whole website work on the server-side. Say you decide to sign up for Facebook, you click the sign-up button. Then the website takes you to the sign-up page, where you enter your details and the process continues. 

Full-stack Development

It is the combination of both Frontend and Backend Development. These people are usually termed as “developer generalists”. The significant thing to be noted here is that full-stack developer should not be confused with senior developers.

Why to be a Web Developer?

  1. There is less investment in acquiring and retaining developer skill as a web developer than as an application developer. 
  1. The number of online users is increasing at an astronomical rate every year.
  1. There is high demand of these jobs and career opportunities. 
  1. You can develop beautiful websites using various tools and resources available to satisfy your clients. Though website development requires a lot of skills, it is easy to acquire them with quality training.
  1. Trained web developers benefit from a great amount of freedom when, where, and how they work. Web experts are needed in all industries, including online recruitment, and may work in-house (for one company) or on the agency side (for many companies and brands).
  1. So there is no doubt at all we have a great career in web development in the future. so that you learn new things and update every day and become an expert in your skills with continuous practicing.


You just need dedication for this. There is no need of knowing any topics from earlier.

How much time to invest in Web Development for Beginners?

It absolutely depends upon you. The least it would take if you do it properly is 1 month or a little less. Otherwise, it might take months.

How to proceed in Web Development for Beginners?


Html(HyperText Markup Language) is the basic building block of the web. It is not a programming language.

Html uses tags to annotate documents. It has inbuilt tags that have to be utilized in a creative way. The user can use any text editor to create his/her page. Html is case sensitive. It refers to a chunk of text inside a document which links to another document or webpage. 

It is not necessary to learn all the tags at once. Once you start practising, it will automatically get you in the flow. You must know that Html works on a specific structure. It is grouped into doctype, head and the body. The doctype refers to the version of Html that you are using. Head generally contains data that you don’t want users to see and lastly the body contains the information displayed on the web page.

Basic HTML editors

There are many ways to write HTML code.

it can be done using an editor like :

  • Notepad in Windows
  • TextEdit in MAC


By using a professional intergrated development environment(IDE) like:

Adobe Dreamweaver

2. CSS

Cascading Style Sheet is a simple design language which is intended to simplify the process of making web pages presentable.

The extension used to save CSS files is “.css”.

Using CSS, you can control the color of your text, the style of your fonts, the spacing between paragraphs, background color, images etc.

It also controls how your webpage will look onto different devices and screen sizes.

It is a powerful tool for web developers to make their web page look attractive. 





This will add pink color to your background for your entire webpage

There are three ways to add CSS code- external, internal and inline.

External style sheets are saved as .css files and can be used to determine the look of the website through one file.

Internal stylesheets are instructions written directly into the header of a specific .html page.

Inline-styles are snippets of CSS written directly into HTML code. 

External stylesheets are the most effective method for working on a webpage. 

 3. JavaScript

It is a programming language mainly used for developing webpages. It can be used for both client-side and server-side applications. You can use Javascript without purchasing a license Javascript. 

JavaScript is the missing piece which can be used to enhance web pages, applications. 

  • Programming tool is given to Html designers by JavaScript.
  • JavaScript can react to events. It can be set to execute when 
  • someone clicks a button or tries to interact with the server.
  • It can be use to validate form data 
  • Javascript adds a capability to the web pages to be able to respond to the action of the users on the web pages.

Web Development for Beginners online materials?

One of them is W3schools. Search this on your google and they provide you free knowledge about each topic. Go through them nicely and try implementing them.

The Internet is a giant free toystore for us.

To get started, you’ll need a development environment so you can build your projects, a place to learn to code, and a place to deploy your projects.

For your free place to learn the best resource is Free Code Camp. Just start at the beginning and work your way through the curriculum. There’s something like 2000 hours of lessons there so it should keep you busy for a while.

As for deploying your projects, you’ll be storing your code on GitHub anyway so your front end projects can be deployed for free on GitHub Pages. This is a great place for your portfolio.

When you get to full-stack development you can use Heroku, which is free for non-production scale projects.


Start watching YouTube videos, build your very basic knowledge. Then go for online readings, online textbooks. The more you read, the more you understand. Install a text editor and start practicing.

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