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What is Circle? How can I collaborate using circles?

Ashish Rajput 0

The need of circle comes from the need of collaboration.

Sales team around the world use their network to close deals faster but sometimes an individual doesn’t have his personal network to reach out to companies. This is where the circle comes in.

Creating a circle allows you to invite team members, colleagues, friends or influencers to share their network with each other in a secured manner.

Why should I create circle?

Generally, companies create their own circle to get a comprehensive view of how their organization is interacting with other organization for sales, fundraising or business partnerships. It provides them the relationship strength with each organization and who is the point of contact in your company. This happens automatically and is updated on a dynamic basis.

How can I create a circle?

To create a circle you can visit and click on create button. You will see a create circle option. You can name the circle so that it will give an idea to every member as to whom they are collaborating with. Alternate way to create a circle is the go to the sidebar and click on My Circles. Here you can also see the list of circles you have joined and can manage all of them.

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