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What is List? How can creating a list help an organization collaborate efficiently?

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Making a target list is the first step of doing Sales Prospecting, Fundraising, Business Partnership or for finding a job.

Flinkhub platform allows users to filter out the right set of companies on the basis of Industry, Location, Employee size, Hiring signals, Technologies used etc. Once the right set of companies are identified users can add those companies to the list.

How do I create a list?

To create a list you can click on Create button on the top right at

On clicking on create button, you will see “List” option where you can enter the details of the list. After the list is created you can add companies to that list.

Other way to create a list is that when you click on “Add to list” button in front of the company name it will show you all the available lists and will also give you an option to create new list.

How to add companies to the list?

To add any company to the list make sure you are on the “All companies” page. You can change the view from the top left drop down bar on

Once you are on the right page, you will see “Add to list” button in front of all the companies. As mentioned above, it will show you the names of all the available lists which you can select to add any company.

If you want to add multiple companies to any list, you can click on mark button on the left side and you will get an option of “Add x companies to the list”

How do I collaborate using list?

To collaborate you need to invite other team members to the same list. To invite you can click on “More options” on the top right. You can add emails of the team members to share the list.

All the collaborators of the list have same view of the prospects and the status of those prospects. However, the network strength with all those companies would be on the basis of individual relationship strength until and unless all the collaborators of the list are also the part of the same circle.

Collaborators of the list can also change the status like in a CRM and can add notes for everyone else to see.

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